"We were truly inspired by Wai's story and empowering message. His presentation was dynamic and entertaining - many of the students commented afterwards about how much they really enjoyed it! Everyone could learn something from Wai's perseverance, determination, and positivity. We look forward to hosting another presentation by Wai."  - Leanne Mihalicz and Saskia Stinson, Instructors at Thompson Rivers University, Education & Skills Training Program

Breaking limitation is exactly what Wai Hung Ma has done in this book. He has touched on many aspects of human nature, that are so simple, but difficult to overcome, and represent the agony of our lives. The simple truths of our own consciousness and being in our lives and how the pain is created by us, is something that should be brought to our awareness. Wai has brought this to our attention in a basic conversational tone that anyone can relate to. Imagine a world of happiness. It is up to us to create it and this book is one of many stepping stones to bringing these ideas into reality.

Review by Suzi Rawn  Canadian Idol  Finalist


I just finished reading your first book. It was amazing! I must buy the book so I can get my mom to read it. I know I will use many of the tools in the book. I liked the chapter on self worth, especially the part where it said to write all your positive attributes down and keep them to look at to remind yourself of your own worth. I realize that respect, learning from mistakes, courage, and depending on yourself are all really important. I even wrote down some of the sentences in the book that I really like so that I can constantly remind myself of them… I loved the “You spend 24 hours a day with you. Who knows you better than you?” and ” Try to look at your crisis as a challenge, not an obstacle.” Thank you for all your wonderful insights.


Hi Wai Hung
Remember, I knew you before you were famous!!! WOW, I have read the first two chapters…It is fantastic….And I must say, just what I needed to hear right now…Bravo to you!! I will comment more when I finish. Thank you so much for sharing this with me and allowing me to read your work before it is out on the shelves and you are out sharing it with millions. I consider this a great honour….I am in awe and so proud of you!! Talk to you again soon.
P.S. : I am going to finish reading in the morning


June 28, 2006
I recently read an Inspirational booklet by an exciting new author, Wai Hung and am eager to spread it’s message.
The booklet entitled “Breaking Limitations” comprises a combination of personal experiences, meaningful analogies and a philosophy of life, which is easily understood. What is even more inspirational is that Mr. Hung has been wheelchair bound since childhood. For some, this would be a death sentence. Instead Mr. Hung has used his limitations as strengths. Reading his booklet will leave one questioning our able bodied selves compared to the challenges Mr. Hung has had to overcome. A recommended read for all of us who think we have problems.

Renz Crema, BA, MSW
Psychiatric Social Worker


Life can be really messy, confusing, frustrating and difficult.  At a particularly low point in my own existence I was fortunate enough to have read a short work entitled “Motivation” By Author Wai Hung Ma.  The direct, honest, insightful reminders to value ones support system and do the work to improve a negative situation touched my heart.  His words showed how there are people in this world who regularly dig deep and tap into inner strength.  How we are not islands standing alone in hard times.  We are one of many and we need one another.  It is my opinion that anyone who struggles with being motivated; be it to wake up with a positive thought, embrace new or unexpected challenges or follow a dream will indeed benefit as I have from Wai’s writings.



Corrina Booth


Finally, with the aid of Barbara Stankiewicz, our mutual friend, Wai, has succeeded in producing his own unique and thought provoking study of what makes Wai run! It is facing up to the challenges of life and choosing to master them rather than to let them beat you down. The simple language in which he states this conviction is its own eloquence.
From a profound depression in which he felt helpless to defeat the twin scourges of multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy he has developed a positive philosophy by which he has changed from being helpless to getting more from life. It becomes a matter of risk: “…as you take more risk, you will fail from time to time, but your failures will lead to success, and you will live life fully.”
Do not be deceived by the repetitious elements in this little booklet. Wai has omitted most of his failures and concentrated on his successes. His infectious enthusiasm for whatever he is doing is contagious. He has tried the music video game, the promotional game and even tried to become a painter. He has never suffered from a lack of projects, or “ideas” as he calls them and has fallen victim to more than one promotion in his struggle for recognition, but every time that he picks himself up, he becomes shrewder and wiser. As he says: “You have the power to choose the kind of energy that you wish to attract into your life. Positive energy is the result of positive thoughts .You have the power to choose.”

Wai Hung . Breaking Limitations. Partners in Publishing, Kamloops, BC, 2006.
(ISBN 0-9738406-1-79)