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Breaking Limitations

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Wai has created a collection of Books, keynotes, and workshops that people can benefit from.  Each book directly can be delivered as a keynote speech or workshop, and customized and tailored keynotes or workshops are an options as well.


Breaking Limitations

“You have the power to choose the kind of energy that you wish to attract into your life. Positive energy is the result of positive thoughts. You have the power to choose.”

Wai has succeeded in producing his own unique and thought provoking study of what makes Wai run! It is facing up to the challenges of life and choosing to master them rather than to let them beat you down. The simple language in which he states this conviction is its own eloquence.

From a profound depression in which he felt helpless to defeat the twin scourges of multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy he has developed a positive philosophy by which he has changed from being helpless to getting more from life. It becomes a matter of risk: “…as you take more risk, you will fail from time to time, but your failures will lead to success, and you will live life fully.”

Do not be deceived by the vague platitudes and philosophies but rather be inspired by lived experience through Wai’s story!. Wai has omitted most of his failures and concentrated on his successes. His infectious enthusiasm for whatever he is doing is contagious. He has never suffered from a lack of projects, or “ideas” as he calls them and has fallen victim to more than one promotion in his struggle for recognition, but every time that he picks himself up, he becomes shrewder and wiser.  He is very accomplished and has done everything from doing a cattle drive, raising funds for multiple charities, written a song that was on CMT, multiple books, got a degree, competes in horseback riding, skiing, and swimming to name a few.  He clearly demonstrates breaking limitations and can help you and your team do the same!

Breaking Limitations. Partners in Publishing, Kamloops, BC, 2006. (ISBN 0-9738406-1-79)

Breaking Limitations


Break Limitations Through Coaching

Wai is available to work with a limited number of people at a time one on one through email support.  This is the biggest step one can take to “Break Limitations” in their own life.


Benefits And Outcomes Of This Workshop

How To Better Navigate Challenges And Obstables

Stronger Mental Fitness and Mindset Mastery

Increase Ability To Pivot Quickly and Manage Change

Improve Design Making

Improved Ability To Deal With People’s Expectations & Biases

Better Communication

Ability To Perform Better and Move Into Your Potential

Wai’s Target Markets

  1. People hurt or health changed and became disabled who want to get back to the game in a different way
  2. Parents want their teens to gain more knowledge about life.
  3. Working professionals over 50 looking for new change in their life
  4. DEI Talks – Do’s and Don’ts When Talking and Dealing with People with Disabilities [or who are different than you]

Some Potential Highlights and Workshop Contents Include:

Wai’s inspirational story, Vision, Inspiring Others & Opening Your Potential, The Challenge Yourself Equation, Power of Belief & The HOPE Model, Change Management and The CHOICE Model, DEI & The Box Metaphor to name a few.


    Climb Your Mountain: Breaking Limitations Through A Purpose Driven Life

    This inspiring book gives practical advice on how to be the best you can be and show how the world can offer us endless possibilites. Inspired by the true life examples of Wai's continual journey of "Breaking Limitations," the books brings practical philosophy and questions you can use to expand your life and possibilities.

    Climb Your Mountain: Breaking Limitations Through A Purpose Driven Life


    Motivation is the second book written by Wai Hung Ma. The book deals with topics of motivation and inspiration that are derived from Wai's life. Wai has Cerebral Palsy and lives every day to the fullest. By sharing his thoughts, Wai hopes others will be able to live their lives to the fullest as well.


    The Journey: Always Breaking Limitations

    This book is a collection of success concepts to help people overcome obstacles and challenges so they can enjoy living into the “WHAT IF” potential in their lives. It follows the inspirational journey of Wai Hung Ma and his incredible story of breaking limitations and living a life of purpose, meaningfulness, contribution, and optimism while attracting possibilities and tapping the potential we all have within us. 

    The Journey: Always Breaking Limitations

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