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THE JOURNEY: Always Breaking Limitations

About this book

This book is a collection of success concepts to help people overcome obstacles and challenges so they can enjoy living into the “WHAT IF” potential in their lives. It follows the inspirational journey of Wai Hung Ma and his incredible story of breaking limitations and living a life of purpose, meaningfulness, contribution, and optimism while attracting possibilities and tapping the potential we all have within us. Backed by scientific research along with evidence from world-class trainers Corey Sigvaldason and Kirk Baethke, this book combines an uplifting narrative with well-grounded principles that people from all circumstances can utilize to maximize their potential – and success – ultimately leading them to happier and more fulfilling lives.

We all face challenges, obstacles, and failures in life, but the choices we make and mindset we take into them is what ultimately determines our happiness and success. Concepts addressed in the book include: Acceptance, Purpose, Vision, Goals and Goal Setting, Believing, Change, Choices, Being Responsible, Grit, Challenge, Growth Mindset, and Commitment to Excellence. These concepts are explored through the research and evidence-based approach of Corey’s PhD work along with the strong narrative and inspiration from Wai and his journey. This book will not only motivate, but also give you concrete tools to move from just “managing” your life to thriving and unlocking all the potential locked inside you!

Copies of the new book are available at many fine bookstores like Chapters, Indigo, Coles, and online with Amazon in both print and Kindle versions with an audiobook planned for later in the yar as well. Here is the link to purchase the book on Amazon: Buy Now

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